Has two recently become three? Or even Four? Or have you decided that the kids need their own space and sharing rooms is no longer the best option. Or have you been working hard to get yourself ready to take the step forward to buying your dream home.


Whatever it may be let us walk you through your new purchase. As your Northside home Loans broker we can ensure you get the most suitable loan to suit your needs, wants and circumstances which will grow with you as your family does around you. ‚Äč



Where do I start?


Do I have to sell first, Can I buy while I still have my current house, can I do it all at the same time? Working out the process of selling one house and buying another can be difficult to understand and navigate! Depending on your situation you may have a few options as to how this can be done to minimise disruption and keep the process as straight forward as possible for you and your family.



How we can help!



Sitting down with your broker before you start the process of shopping for your new home is always a good idea


-Work out how much you can borrow

-Find you a great deal on your new purchase but also

-Help you to understand what order things need to be done

-Step you through the process

-Help you work your way through lender paperwork


Let us help you! Being prepared will make the difference in ensuring a stress free purchase!



If you are ready to take the step to buying your next property please call us today to book your appointment!